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Thursday 14th
Traditionally Valentine’s Day has been a day celebrating love, but what is it really? Western culture stipulates that we cringe at the mere thought of Valentine’s Day. But why is that validated? Maybe we should all take a leaf out of the Burmese love culture; noted for public displays of affection.

So why not head down to Inya lake and find out what it’s all about? This is where Burmese couples go to display their love for one another. For one evening, join the loved-up rallies for a romantic stroll along the promenade.

For those of you looking for a more sophisticated evening why not check-out one of the following Valentine’s promotions:

For a romantic soiree under the stars accompanied by some classical music L’Opera is what you’re after.

To impress go to Inya Lake hotel where you can have a 5 course set dinner.

PARKROYAL Yangon is offering a Valentines buffet which promises to be good too.

Alternatively why not go to the final day of the Union Day Concert and Funfair where some big names will be performing Burmese chart toppers.

Or simply treat yourselves to a delicious Valentine’s Day cake at PARKROYAL’s pastry corner.

Alamanda is doing a lunch deal till Saturday which looks delicious.

You don’t need to travel the globe to experience BEAUTY around the WORLD, just got to MCC Hall within the next 4 days and revel in great promotions, gifts, demonstrations and more.

Lokanat gallery is exibiting a group of Burmese artists including WPM, Htay Lwin, Aung Kyaw San and Tim Min Aung, on till Saturday.

For the usual Thursday fix of cocktails Inya 1 Cocktail Happy Hour gets going from around 7pm.

And of course there’s a Jamming session at 50th Street.
Friday 15th
One of Friday night’s highlights is the Yangon Yacht club which welcomes non-members, it makes for a beautiful location for an end of the week drink.

Once again Aqua gym is on but this week the location has changed to Inya Lake hotel at 9.30 am.

For a classy tipple head to  The Strand for happy hour.

If you feel like streching your legs Bike World puts on a Friday night bike ride round town starting at 10pm.
Saturday  16th

You can now get Adult ballet lessons in Yangon, so if you’re feeling nimble go along.

The Hash running group will be speeding their way round town again on Saturday.
The best photo stories from the Yangon Photo Festival will be screened and awarded  during the Yangon Photo Night.

Sunday 17th

For all of you early risers join the  group of Sunday morning cyclists, who head off for a 2-3 hour bike ride at 6.30am.

If early morning aren’t your thing but you fancy stretching your limbs, a Yoga class at L’Opera has started-up at 10am.

Spend the day lapping-up the glorious winter sun at one of the hotel swimming pools, alternatively if you don’t mind swimming fully clothed in a somewhat less than hygenic swimming pool go to the University pool and join some Burmese students for a animated game of waterpolo. I guarantee there’ll be a lot of laughs.
Monday 18th
A lovely way to start the week is with a Monday morning yoga class.

Tuesday 19th

If you fancy an afternoon Yoga session by the lake you’ll be pleased to know there is now a class opening on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Pansodan Gallery is a nice place to go and spend your Tuesday evening.

50th Street is offering steak and wine if that tickles your fancy.
Wednesday 20th
The topic for Public Speaking Club this week is ‘Path of Life’.

Argentine wines are on the menu at Wine Club this week.

As usual French Literature Club is on at 6pm.

There’s 2-4-1 pasta alongside Extended Happy Hour and pizza at 50th Street.


Don’t forget the reoccuring events are:

The Yangon photo festival which is brilliant is on till the 22nd.

Till the end of February Inya Lake Hotel is offering Afternoon Tea daily as well as a light bites set menu of salads, burgers etc in the Country Club.

PARKROYAL Yangon have a wide selection of promotions on till the end of the month including there Chinese New Year Speciality of Yee Sang availiable at Lunch and Dinner. They also have Hamachi (Yellow Tail Fish) at their Japanese buffet., a Vodka Cocktail Happy Hour from 4-7pm daily.

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