Yangon’s night life scene has grown by leaps in bounds in recent years with new watering holes and clubs opening up weekly. Although Mandalay is lacks the quantity of nightlife options, there are still plenty of options for those who want an evening out on the town. In this first of two articles, Myanmore shares some of our favourite local evening experiences.


1. Beer Stations

Seemingly every street corner in Mandalay is home to a beer station. Serving up cold draft beer and barbeque, beer stations are the cheapest- and most local- places to go for an evening out. Most are open-air and decked out with metal or plastic chairs and tables. Although predominately filled with men, it is not unusual to see women or families in the crowd. Some of the more popular beer stations are:

  • Yunan – There are several outlets of the Yunan ‘chain’ around Mandalay. The long-running shops have gained popularity thanks to their excellent barbeque and Chinese specialties. The most popular shop is Yunan 3. (62nd Street between 36th and 37th streets)
  • Paradise – Paradise wins high marks for its location next to the moat and its garden eating area but the prices are a touch higher than other shops. (66th Street between 24th and 25th Streets)
  • White House – This tiny beer station is located near several budget hotels, making it a popular option with the backpacker crowd. (Corner of 27th and 74th Streets)
  • Super 81– Although featured in Lonely Planet and on Trip Advisor, Super 81 still attracts a large local crowd nightly. With English-speaking staff and clean toilets, this is probably the best option for afraid to go ‘too’ local. (Corner of 81st and 29th Streets)
White house - Obama does not live here
White house – Obama does not live here
Paradise Garden – Oasis in the busy city


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